Délisol was created in 2002 to promote the quality of fruit and vegetables grown in Morocco.

Délisol manages the entire «production to sale » chain through Semapex, a company located in the fertile and sunny region of Agadir.

It is therefore able to guarantee 100% traceability and a diversified production of high quality fruit and vegetables under its premium quality brand, Alizé.

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A taste−illed andvaried selection

To meet its clients’ high expectations, Délisol has adopted a continuous improvement philosophy:
  • Fruit and vegetables whose flavour is forever increasing.
  • A remarkably wide-range of produce: tomatoes, beans, courgettes, peas, peppers, corn, broad beans, chillies…
  • Extending the choice of varieties,such as the introduction of the «BeefHeart» tomato alongside the «traditional» varieties (vine, round, cocktail, andcherry) and different peppers and chilliesfor all destinations. (Hungarian, Kappy,Strong chillies and «Padrons ») etc.
  • Perfectly adapted to the client’s requirements: we control production right from cultivation.
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Delisol Ethos

A company policy that places importance on the human element...

To offer the best possible service we also keep a close eye on the safety of our teams and their working conditions. The production company is actively involved in farm workers’ social development, and this in turn improves the quality of the many activities carried out “by hand”, both in the cultivation, the harvesting and the packaging - all of which contributes to the quality of the end product.

...and on the environment!

Integrated Pest Management, approved on all green bean, pepper and chilli cultivation, is now integrated into the company’s philosophy.

The creation of an on-site Research and Development department has allowed us to focus our efforts on:

  • Keeping the quantity of plant control disease products used to a reasonable level
  • Maximising the fertilization of cultures, as this is determinant in the taste and storability of fruit and vegetables





Quality Charter, Inspections and Standards

When the rigor brings the best !

To ensure that its Quality Assurance policy is respected and that clients are fully satisfied, SEMAPEX has implemented a recognised certification process GLOBAL-GAP / B.R.C. and now IFS Broker which requires scrupulous inspection of every step in the chain:

  • Farming
  • Packaging
  • Cold chain management
  • Road transport

As soon as the produce is received by Délisol it is inspected as per the SNIFL (National Syndicate of Fruit and Vegetable Importers) Quality Assurance procedures; a guarantee of an exhaustive commercial service:

  • Systematic approval and validation of inspections carried out in Morocco by the testing of new samples.
  • Traceability monitoring on behalf of the end client.









Délisol is able to package its products in variousdifferent formats: 

  • bags.
  • flowpacks.
  • punnets.
  • trays.
  • Etc ...


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66030 Perpignan


Sales Department

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Fax: 00 334 68 85 35 61

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Administration Finance Department

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You can contact us by email directly on this page.

Production calendar 2011-2012



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SEMAPEX (Cultivation and Export of Selected Market Garden Produce)

  • Greenhouses covering 495 acres and 250 acresof open fi elds
  • Favourable geographical location for farming fruit and vegetables
  • Cultivation that meets European standards